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March 1st and Frances the Mute will be here!
I cant wait!
*dances around in happiness*
They are really..too good.

We MUST see them when they go on tour.Fo sho.I will cry if not.A lot.

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My anxiety lately is getting the best of me.
Yesterday I had to leave work sick because I started having a panic attack and couldn't control it.
And at random times too!
When nothing is happening I just start going crazy....for no reason!
It doesnt happen anywhere else but work,and I dont know why.These past couple of days Ive been one edge about everything.

On a lighter note,looking forward to going to Providence tonight.It should be a good time.

Now off to carve a pumpkin and make candy apples!



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Tuesday me and Kelly went to Club Hell,where we ran into Billy and Catherine from Hot Topic.I never dance,but for some reason once you start you cant really stop.Its too damn fun!
Billys older brother reminded me of This kid Andy so much it was ridiculous.They could have been twins.
Catherine is just as obsessed,if not more with the Used.
She has Berts phone number!
I couldn't stop screaming when she had me listen to his answering machine...It was Sweet.Amazing.Incredible.
We're all gonna go up together for another night of crazy dancing and insanity on Halloween.Wheeee!!!!!!

Frantically purchased half of my costume at Hot Topic today.
Wings,wig and fake eyelashes.I have a little skimpy black dress Im planning on wearing too.Probably freeze my ass off,but its nothing I havent experienced before.

Tonight is the Midnight showing of Donnie Darko!
Contemplating on whether or not I should wear a costume..I can handle one day of numbness,but two...that may be a bit much.It is pretty.umm.provocative looking?
Ah well,we'll see as the night goes on..

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I just got off of the phone with Steve after 2 hours of crazy random babbling about everything and nothing.
He is just about the funniest person I have ever met.
It feels good to have a friend that can make you lighthearted no matter how low you feel.

I went on a crazy buy everything I see spree today and yesterday.
7 CDs and 3DVDs later!

New Cure
New Used
Labyrinth soundtrack
Beetlejuice soundtrack
Cat Stevens-Best of
David Bowie-best of

Rocky Horror
Donnie Darko
Bela Lugosi horror classics

Slowly but surely,oh so surely building up my collectiona again.

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Its been almost 6 months now without any show of affection at all towards the opposite sex.
Its making me a little insane.
Not even a kiss.
Wow,this is lame.

Its the little things that make me wonder...
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Went with Kelly to get hers today.

Made an appointment for Tuesday to get my Ryden one!

I am so excited right now!


Getting Interpol tickets tomorrow.

Life is grand :D